Phlebotomy Research Protocols

Georgia Tech Student Research Participants

SHS research phlebotomy services are available weekdays when the campus is open from 9:00-11:00am in 15-minute intervals. Call (404) 894-1424 at least one day in advance to schedule an appointment.

Ga Tech Researcher checklist
› Download this checklist for Georgia Tech Research Participants (PDF)

The Stamps Health Services (SHS) Laboratory provides professional phlebotomy services for Georgia Tech research activities. Researchers must have a current IRB-approved protocol in order to utilize these services, and blood donors must be enrolled students with Georgia Tech-issued identification.

The SHS laboratory will maintain a confidential log of donor information and eligibility to participate in the IRB approved study, date and time of phlebotomy, and blood volume drawn. The researcher will coordinate with laboratory personnel to complete and maintain the confidential log.


Other Research Participants

To schedule blood draws, call Concentra Health Services at (404) 881-1155, preferably 48 hours in advance. Researchers are encouraged to schedule small groups of draws together.

Other Researchers Checklist
› Download this checklist for Other Research Participants (PDF)

Concentra Health Services provides professional phlebotomy services for research participants who are NOT enrolled Georgia Tech students. Located at 688 Spring Street, Concentra is the current Occupational Health Program medical provider for Georgia Tech.